Physical design of die casting parts

Time: 2017-12-22

Physical design of die casting parts

Functional physical design

Die casting function physical design is the core of die casting structure design, it determines that the function of die casting parts could be satisfied with the size , thickness and shape, and check the in the process of changing state , such as the deformation, fatigue and abrasion of the die casting parts in the use of static load or dynamic load, which could be met with its use of security.

Design the die casting structure function , it is not only possess the mechanical physical design and machining of quality and technical ability, but also need to have the die casting alloy and the die casting process and the die-casting molding design as well as the many aspects of  comprehensive knowledge . in order that making the function structure could meet with the technical requirements and the function and performance during the using period of die casting parts , which is also reliable, safe and economic.

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