Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Optimization Control Technology of China Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Industury Made a Breakthrough These Recent Days

Time: 2017-12-04
Summary: For the past few years, with the rapid development of technologies on information, Internet, Internet of things, we are facing the worldwide energy shortage and environmental pressure. Therefore, to improve the production efficiency of energy-intensive industries, to realize the evaluation of energy efficiency monitoring and intellectualization and digitalization of optimization control system has become the focus of every country’s governments and enterprises.
Recently, the project by National 863 plan on advanced manufacturing technology field about research of Digitalization and intellectualization of Aluminum Alloy Casting production line and energy efficiency monitoring system has been passed the technical acceptance by the expert group.

With the support of national 863 plan, and the cooperation of Tianjin Lizhong Alloy Group Co., LTD. and Mechanical Science Research Institute, other research institutes and companies, to carry out the digital intelligent aluminum alloy casting production line and the research of energy efficiency monitoring System, built suitable for aluminium alloy casting industry evaluation index System of energy efficiency and the theoretical analysis model of energy efficiency of aluminum alloy processing, and designed melting and casting production line for continuous adding and new technology of regenerative combustion, at the same time it built a plaform of Manufacturing Execution System with functions of Real Time Data Acquisition and energy efficiency analysis.
It was mplemented the production line of raw materials Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of on-line identification and component selection, intelligent batching which based on the expert system of intelligent ingredients, the real-time energy efficiency monitoring for the whole processing, the optimal control is predicted by the two-layer structure model of air combustion ratio and fhaze oxygen content and etc. Through the system optimization, comprehensive production energy efficiency increased by 10.13%, the precision rate of Rationing material reached to 93.28%.

This achievement broke down the aluminum die casting industrial current situation about the complex process, low degree of automation and standardization equipment, achieving the die casting processing key parameters three functions, including the on-line monitoring, scientific decision-making and the effective regulation, promoting the die casting industrial intelligent control ability and level, which obviously improved the production efficiency and energy-saving.
At present , this project achievement has been setting a good example in ten-thousand production line in Tianjin lizhong and Guangdong Longda.

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