Selection of cutting fluid in metal cutting process?

Selection of cutting fluid in metal cutting process?

1.Rough turning machining

The machining allowance of rough turning is large , so the cutting depth and feed rate are large , cutting resistance is large , and produce a lot of cutting heat , tool wear is also serious.The water based cutting fluid, which is mainly used for cooling, lubrication and rust prevention, should be chosen to remove the cutting heat in time, reduce the cutting temperature, and improve the tool life. Generally, the extreme pressure emulsion is better.

The extreme pressure emulsion not only has good cooling performance , but also has good extreme pressure lubricity, it can obviously prolong the service life of cutting tools, improve the cutting efficiency . Maintenance of guide rail surface of machine tool should be paid attention to using water-based cutting fluid. Drying the cutting fluid on the workbench before work and apply it with lubricating oil.


2.Finish turning machining

The machining allowance of finish turning is small , cutting depth only have 0.050.8mmfeed rate is small ,and ensure the precision and roughness of workpiece . As the cutting force of finish turning is small , the temperature is lower. So it is appropriate to use emulsion with high concentration of (above 10%) and cutting fluid with oil additive. For high precision requirement turning , such as the finish turning screw thread , It is need to use rapeseed oil, soybean oil or other products as lubricant to meet the requirements of precision.

     As mentioned above, because of the poor stability of vegetable oileasy oxidationsome factories use  15%JQ1precision cutting lubricant +85%LAN32 full-loss system oil as the precision cutting oil, the effect is very good.


3.Boring machining

      Boring mechanism is the same as turning,but it's internal hole processingcutting and cutting speed are small,but the heat dissipation conditions are poor, the emulsion can be used as cutting fluid, and the flow and pressure of cutting fluid should be increased.

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