Introduction of Influencing Factors on Mould Life of Aluminum Die Casting?

Introduction of Influencing Factors on Mould Life of Aluminum Die Casting?

There are many factors to influence mould life of Aluminum Die Casting which involves many specific aspects. For manufacturing, it is necessary to design mold structure correctly, make mould parts accurately, and formulate reasonable and effective standard for heat treatment. To use mould properly according to technological specification, to maintain and repair in time, and give play to related character of mold adequately so that die casting mold quality and working life can be increased effectively.

1. Structure Design

Mould structure design needs sharp fillet and oversize section changes.

2. Machining

Improper machining can easily lead to stress concentration. The decarburization layer formed by rolling forging can be eliminated completely and uniformly when the finish is insufficient and machining is not enough, which may cause the material to fail in the early stage.

3. Grinding and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Under the condition of ensuring the material quality, the appropriate coolant should be selected to control the grinding cooling. EDM can produce a white-bright hardened layer of quenching martensite on the surface of the die mould after quenching and tempering. The corresponding thickness is determined by the current intensity and frequency during processing.

4. Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the main factor of initial failure of die casting mould. And the deformation of heat treatment is mainly caused by thermal stress and structural stress.

5. Production Operations

The minimum injection speed of Aluminum Die Casting should be 18m/s, and the corresponding maximum injection speed should not be greater than 53m/s and the average injection speed should be 43m/s.

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