The performance characteristics of al-si, al-mg and al-zn are commonly used?

The performance characteristics of al-si, al-mg and al-zn are commonly used?

Die casting alloy is one of the elements of die casting production. For producing excellent die casting parts, in addition to have reasonable perfect die mold structure and die-casting machine with superior performance and perfect design, and also need to have good performance of alloy material. The section thickness of die casting parts is determined by the stress and the strength of the alloy material itself, which is one of the advantages of die casting alloy. When choosing die casting alloy, what we need to consider are its usability, processing performance, application, production condition and economy.

1. Al - Si alloy

Due to Al - Si alloy has a small crystallization temperature interval and a large latent heat of solidification of silicon in the alloy, also it has a large heat capacity and a small line contraction coefficient,  that we say its general casting perfermance chareacteristics are better than other aluminium alloy casting performance, also has a better capacity of filling and cracking, shrinkage tendency. Al-si alloy is the most widely used die casting aluminum alloy so far.

2. Al - Mg alloy

The performance characteristics of al-mg alloy are: good mechanical properties at room temperature; Strong resistance to corrosion; but the casting performance is poor, the mechanical property fluctuation and wall thickness has a big effect. The plasticity of the alloy decreases due to the aging effect due to the long term usage, and even the die-casting parts are cracked.

3. Al - zinc alloy

The high mechanical properties can be gotten when the al-zn alloy die casting were obtained by natural aging. When the mass fraction of zinc is greater than 10%, the strength can be significantly increased.

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