What is the advantages and disadvantages of anodising?
What is the advantages and disadvantages of anodising?
Anodising process is widely used in aluminum extrusion products, not applicable to other metals expect aluminum alloy. The process is divided into electrochemical anodising, anodic anodising and so on. The principle is have some chemical changes on the surface of the product and form a colorful oxide film on that.

1. Strong corrosion resistance, one of the strongest anti-corrosion capabilities in all surface treatments.
2. Strong adhesion, no peeling , damaged just by scratches and abrasion.
3. Diversified colors (only for 700 or 600 series aluminum alloy)

1.There are some damage to die-casting aluminum alloy, only grey and silver can be selected when use casting aluminum alloy, if not it is easy to be black.
2. Cannot anodising to white, because the lightest color is the original metallic color of aluminum alloy.

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